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Please note, due to an influx of orders this summer, several Suppliers are behind on raw material deliveries. As a result, we are reporting a longer than usual lead time. 

Sandstorm - Division of BAM Manufacturing


Highest Quality Gas Tanks on the Market!

We specialize in custom fuel systems in just about every industry including, Aircraft, Racing, Off‐Road, Farm Machinery, Auto, and Cycle. There is a reason why our products are carried and sold by the largest Off‐Road retailers and Speed‐Shops across the US.

Our tank diameters range from 3 - 12 Inches, and we have several different end cap styles to choose from. When ordering your tank, visit our option page to select one or more options that you would like installed by our custom shop, before we ship your tank. Once you choose your add-ons, please contact us with your specific instructions. 

Spun Aluminum Gas Tanks